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Hall of Fame

2010-2011 Lokomotiv Luxembourg

Players on the cup winning team: Ronny Scheier
Ronny Scheier
 , Georges Scheier
Georges Scheier
 , Steven Minden
Steven Minden
 , Benny Welter
Benny Welter
 , Robert Beran
Robert Beran
 , Thierry Beran
Thierry Beran
 , François Schons
François Schons
 , Kai Linster
Kai Linster
 , Christophe Thiry
Christophe Thiry
 , Bob Schneider
Bob Schneider
 , Sacha Backes
Sacha Backes
 , Philippe Bechtold
Philippe Bechtold
 , Gilles Biver
Gilles Biver
 , Patrick Schon
Patrick Schon
 , Philippe Lepage
Philippe Lepage

2nd Place: Tornado Luxembourg
3rd Place: IHC Beaufort
4th Place: Puckers Luxembourg