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Learn to play

Learn to Play

To play Ice hockey in a rather small country as Luxembourg, the Federation identified the development of young players as one of the key essentials. The practice of young players start at a very young age. Besides the normal practices, the so called "LearnToPlay" tournaments are highlights in the young career of the hockey players,
The U7 of Hiversport Huskies are participating to these "LearnToPlay" tournaments in some French neighbour cities (e.g. Amneville, Metz, Epinal).

A LearnTo Play tournament will be organised on March 30, 2014 in Luxembourg at the Kockelscheuer Ice-rink.

You'll find pictures of the LearnToPlay in Amneville on January 26, 2014 below.

Recruiting new players is also one of the objectives of the Luxembourgish Federation. Kids may get supported with equipment and are surrounded by great coaches! Playing hockey is very constructive for your child's development. Values like team spirit, social skills, athleticism, and of course FUN are very important.
If your kids would like to start playing hockey, you can find the necessary information on the Huskies website.

If you are from the north of Luxembourg and would like to play in Beaufort, please look at the page Playing in Luxembourg.