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Luxembourg 4th at World Championship

This content was originally created by Tornado Luxembourg
The Luxembourgish National Team finished on 4th place at the World Championship Division III in South Africa. The Red Lions lost the game for bronze against Turkey by 5-6. Israel won the gold medal and beat the second-placed South Africa in the opening game 6-5. Greece, who lost to Luxembourg 0-20, took the fifth place, in front of Mongolia who ended up 6th. Luxembourg lost 2-5 against South Africa in front of 1014 spectators.

Best scorer for Luxembourg was Tornado Forward Robert Beran
Robert Beran
 with 12 points, before Rookie Thierry Beran
Thierry Beran
 (11) and Benny Welter
Benny Welter

QMJHL-Forward Eliezer Sherbatov from Israel was the scoring leader of the event with 14 goals and 12 assists.

Best defenseman from Luxembourg was François Schons
François Schons
 with 4 points.

Final Standings:
1. Israel
2. South Africa
3. Turkey
4. Luxembourg
5. Greece
6. Mongolia

written by manginho, on 27.04.2011 at 17:57 h.

  • manginhoonline, 27.04.2011 - 18:23

    D'nächst Joer Sëlwermedail, awer sou eppes vun secher! hehe

  • Dragons Teamcpt. link, 03.05.2011 - 15:22

    Top Leeschtung.......:-))......nächst Joer op den Podium

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