Breaking News: And finally it will be... Briançon II.

Photo by Val Wagner

07 March 2023

Ice Hockey Luxembourg

Created by Tornado Luxembourg

Logically, we were left with a first round playoff game against Nice on Saturday night. The latter had lost (4-3) away to Nîmes, last in group D, while Briançon lost to Lyon but in over-time, scoring a small point to hang on to second place. Third in group D was Nice II, who were due to play the Tornado in the playoffs.
But Nice filed a complaint about their defeat in Nîmes, and the FFHG ruled in Nice's favour this Tuesday morning on a case we don't know anything about. The cards are therefore reshuffled and the Tornado will face Briançon II in the first round of playoffs. Unless there is a new twist. In any case, the dates remain unchanged. 11/3 in Kockelscheuer and 18/3 away.
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