Dijon II Routs Tornado Luxembourg, 2-5

Dijon II Routs Tornado Luxembourg, 2-5

On January 14th in the Patinoire Kockelscheuer in Luxembourg, the Tornado Luxembourg played the Dijon II, where the visiting team turned it up a notch and pounded the Tornado Luxembourg, 2:5.

It was the visiting team who set the tone in the first period. It was Charles Bordes who opened the scoring for the guests at 8:48 on a pass by Christophe Toulouse. Another goal followed quickly after, as Loïc Chabert scored another one for his team on a feed from Charles Marciano and Raphaël Thiery. At the end of the first, the score was 0-2, giving the visiting team the lead.

The home team stayed in the game and managed to cut down the deficit, but their opponent found a way to protect the lead. The guests continued their run, as Charles Marciano scored the 0-3 on a feed from Philippe Bonnet. The Tornado Luxembourg responded only 49 seconds later, as Georges Scheier scored a goal after being assisted by Bob Schneider. Another goal came at 36:07, when Bob Schneider scored for the hosts on a feed from Joel Holtzem. With 2 periods played, the score was 2-3.

The visitors proved to be the better team and held on to their lead throughout the last period. Arnaud Sordel scored at 44:01 to make it 2-4. Gautier Sordel tallied again for the Dijon II at 59:03 on a feed from Charles Bordes and Christophe Toulouse. At the final whistle, the score was 2-5.

Topscorer of the game was Charles Bordes of the Dijon II with 2 points. For the Tornado Luxembourg, tonight's game was not a reflection of their usual offensive and defensive standard. The facts that their 5 points against are above this season's average of 4.73 and the 2 points scored are below the average 3.82 points, show that they were simply not playing their game. Out of these two teams' last 2 encounters, Dijon II won 50% of the games (1 out of 2). On January 21th the Tornado Luxembourg will face the Valenciennes, whilst for the Dijon II, the Tornado Luxembourg will be next on October 27th.