Huskies U18 USA Tour: Huskies U18 wins matches in Michigan [update]
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Huskies U18 USA Tour: Huskies U18 wins matches in Michigan [update]

The U18 team of the Huskies organization is on a USA Tour right now, and they have now played four matches in Michigan.

"The first two matches were lost with 10-6 and 9-0. But after a couple of days in America we are really "getting our things together" and are playing very nice hockey with a lot of beautiful passes, combinations and scores.", says Team Manager Henric Anselm.

"We have won the following two matches and has really a good team full of energy right now. The boys are doing great, both on-ice and off-ice. A lot of activities (hockey matches, hockey-shops, restaurants, laser games etc) keeps us really busy here in America. Many thx to the Dawson & Kiefer families for helping and arranging for us here in Michigan.", continues Anselm.

The Huskies team will come back January 2nd, and until then they still have a busy schedule.


The Huskies are now back. The end result: Three Wins, Three Losses and One Tied game. Good job Huskies!!

Huskies U18 US tour December 2012 results:

26/12: Flint Phantoms (Michigan) - Huskies 10-6

27/12: Rochester Rattlers (Michigan) - Huskies 9-0

28/12: Clarkston Prep (Michigan) - Huskies 4-5 (after penalty shot-out)

28/12: KBH Varsity (Michigan) - Huskies 5-7

29/12: Lapeer Storm (Michigan) - Huskies 2-5

30/12: Novi (Michigan) - Huskies 3-3

31/12: Frazer Falcons (Michigan) - Huskies 6-0