IHC Beaufort 1 can't win at home against Hiversport Huskies Luxembourg, 5-5

IHC Beaufort 1 can't win at home against Hiversport Huskies Luxembourg, 5-5

On December 3rd in their own building, the IHC Beaufort 1 played the Hiversport Huskies Luxembourg, where none of the teams could score a victory as the game ended 5-5.

The visiting team was stronger than their opponent in the first period. Blake Kiefer opened the scoring for the guests at 1:25. At 11:25, Mathias Snickars scored another goal for the Hiversport Huskies Luxembourg on a feed from Daniel Scopel. At 16:25, Brian Schleimer scored another goal for the Hiversport Huskies Luxembourg. At the end of the first, the score was 0-3 for the benefit of the visiting team.

The home team stayed in the game and managed to cut down the deficit, but their opponent found a way to protect the lead. The 1-3 was scored by Claude Mossong. It didn't take their opponent much time to answer though, as Blake Kiefer scored only 48 seconds later. Kevin Grönlund scored at 35:08. At the end of the second, the score was 2-4.

The home team didn't abandon the field though and got back in the game for the last period. Daniel Kraval tallied for the guests at 40:25. At 48:20, Eric Wambach scored the 3rd goal for the IHC Beaufort 1. Only 10 seconds later, Ben Houdremont added another goal to the sheet. The tie came only 11 seconds later, as Eric Wambach scored the 5-5 after being assisted by Kevin Grönlund. At the end of the final period, the score was 5-5.

Topscorers of the game were Ben Houdremont and Kevin Grönlund with 3 points each. A few players called attention to themselves by setting new personal season-highs, namely Kevin Grönlund (3 points) and Blake Kiefer (2 points). For the IHC Beaufort 1, tonight's game was not a reflection of their usual offensive and defensive standard. The facts that their 5 points against are above this season's average of 1.43 and the 5 points scored are below the average 5.86 points, show that they were simply not playing their game. Out of these two teams' last 2 encounters, IHC Beaufort 1 won 50% of the games (1 out of 2). The IHC Beaufort 1 will play their next game on December 8th against the Tornado Luxembourg, whilst for the Hiversport Huskies Luxembourg, the Puckers Luxembourg will be next on December 8th.