IHC Beaufort 1 Routs Hiversport Huskies Luxembourg, 1-12

IHC Beaufort 1 Routs Hiversport Huskies Luxembourg, 1-12

On December 1st the Hiversport Huskies Luxembourg hosted the IHC Beaufort 1 in the Patinoire Kockelscheuer, where the visiting team turned it up a notch and pounded the Hiversport Huskies Luxembourg, 1-12.

It was the visiting team who set the tone in the first period. It was Eric Wambach who opened the scoring for the guests at 7:51 on a pass by Thierry Beran. At the end of the first, the visiting team was leading 0-1.

The visiting team didn't give up on the lead and kept dominating the game throughout the second period. Ben Houdremont put another goal on the sheet for the guests at 26:04. Thierry Beran scored another goal for the guests at 29:24. Benny Welter added another goal only 57 seconds later. The answer came only 1 minute later, as Daniel Kraval scored for his team on a feed from Clement Waltener. The IHC Beaufort 1 didn't take long to retaliate, as Thierry Beran scored 49 seconds later. Another goal followed quickly after, as Benny Welter scored another one for his team. Another goal came at 38:31, when Nicolas Mossong scored for the guests. At the end of the second, the score was 1-7.

The visitors held on to the lead and kept control of the game throughout the third and last period. At 46:05, Claude Mossong scored another goal for the IHC Beaufort 1. Benny Welter put another goal on the sheet for the guests at 49:17. The guests kept the momentum on their side, as Xavier Thill scored only 2 minutes later. Claude Mossong tallied again for the IHC Beaufort 1 at 56:32. Claude Mossong scored one last time for the IHC Beaufort 1 at 59:55 on an assist by Ben Houdremont and Benny Welter. At the final whistle, the score was 1-12.

Benny Welter of the IHC Beaufort 1 was the topscorer of the game with 4 points. For the Hiversport Huskies Luxembourg, tonight's game was not a reflection of their usual offensive and defensive standard. The facts that their 12 points against are above this season's average of 7.67 and the 1 points scored are below the average 6 points, show that they were simply not playing their game. The Hiversport Huskies Luxembourg will play their next game on December 3rd against the IHC Beaufort 1, while the IHC Beaufort 1 play against the EHC Neuwied 1b on December 2nd.