Join the Huskies in the fight against cancer
A Huskies contingent at National Day

Join the Huskies in the fight against cancer

The Huskies’ web services and club management provider Clubee has invited the club to take part in and show its solidarity with the Relais pour la Vie anti-cancer actions while getting some fresh air on 27 March 2021.


The event will involve taking two “beautiful hiking and running paths and a nice mountain bike path from Foetz over Schifflange and back”, said Clubee. “So there’s something for everyone.”


Participants are welcome to come whenever they want and go as far as they want.


A small snack on the way and a photo at the finish will be provided.


Clubee has committed to ensuring that Covid measures are in place.


Clubee is asking us to all to join in: “The aim is to donate a significant amount to the Cancer Foundation in the form of a donation,” said Clubee. “That's why it's important for us to find many people who participate by walking, running or cycling and donating their share.”

Event details and sign-ups


The event starts at 10am at Clubee’s office in Technoport 2, at 20, rue du Commerce, L-3895 Foetz.


To sign up for this event as part of a Huskies contingent, please register using this Huskies website form.


To register for the event, fill out this online form and transfer the €10 entry fee to Clubee at IBAN: LU22 0019 4355 9736 5000 or pay onsite. All funds collected will be donated to the Relais pour la vie.


Clubee is encouraging participants to find sponsors to increase the amount of money raised for this good cause. You can also add a donation to the registration fee or via the Relais pour la Vie website.


You can also sign up at Clubee’s Facebook Event.