Save the date: Get licensed for helping with hockey
Adult interacting with child player at hockey training

Save the date: Get licensed for helping with hockey

Parents who are interested in their kids’ hockey activity and want to help them as well as their club to practice the sport should save the date. They have an opportunity coming later this month to get the credential and the basic knowledge they need help out during both training and games. 

What’s needed is what’s called an "O" licence, which is issued by the Luxembourg hockey federation (FLHG – Fédération Luxembourgeoise de Hockey sur Glace). 

An “O” license is an official’s license, and it enables you to assist the coaches while being covered by insurance in case of an accident. It’s the basic hockey license that gets you started at the rink. It allows you to assist the coach on and off the ice, especially at away games and tournaments where our club has a shortage of volunteers. As a volunteer coach it is now mandatory to have this license.

There are other licences involved in hockey, such as a referee’s licence or a coaching licence. These have much longer and more difficult courses as a prerequisite..

Every year, the Luxembourg Hockey Federation runs the “Learn to Play” course for parents seeking to get this licence. It consists of both a theoretical and a practical component, both of which must be completed in order to be able to request the “O” licence. This year, during Covid, the three-hour theory part of the course will be held online, on the morning of Saturday October 24 2020. Details about the course’s exact timing and how to connect will be publicised later this month.

Later on, there will also be a short practical course and it is only after you complete this second part that your full participation in the "Learn to play" course will be recognised and an "O" licence can be requested from the federation.