This is a victory!
David MÜLLER scored a hat-trick against Dijon (04/12/2021)

This is a victory!

The Tornado hosted the Ducs de Dijon this Saturday in Kockelscheuer for the 8th day of the D3 FFHG (group C). Before this game, Dijon was in 2nd place behind Lyon. The Tornado were in last place without having scored any points in the standings, which was a cause for concern on paper, but the progress made in the last few games gave us some hope. And the Tornados proved that this hope was legitimate by winning 6-5 in overtime in a breathtaking final match.

To start with, Petr FICAL lined up 12 forwards mixing experience and youth in each line as we could find no less than 6 players under 20 years old with Jan-Eric VALASUO, Vlad SCHELEST, Anthony VINCENC, Kristian POTUCEK, Mathis FERRETTI and Markus BERAN. If Markus and Vlad are almost veterans in this group, Kristian and Mathis were wearing the Tornados jersey for the first time yesterday, and Jan-Erik only for the second time. A baptism of fire in a difficult context but an excellent way to prepare the future for Petr FICAL. And the course of events will prove him right.
The first two thirds resembled the scenarios of the previous games with a valiant Tornado who was content to chase the score. The difference was once again only on details and the advantage seemed to go to the visitors who were leading 5-3 after 40 minutes.
In the third period, it was a game fact that was going to change the game like against Champigny. But this time, it was our boys who showed the mental strength to overcome this event so that the score turned in their favour. At the 51st minute, Antoine THOMAS's goal (4-5) was open to discussion by Dijon and we can consider that these contestations have completely taken the Dukes out of their game. David MUELLER equalised in the following minutes (5-5), before Michal MARCINEK, Dijon's experienced goalkeeper, completely lost his mind by attacking the rookie POTUCEK. The referee will send the Slovakian goalkeeper to the shower to calm down, leaving his team-mates undermanned until the end of the match.
In overtime, in this context of overnumbering, the Tornado waited patiently for the right opportunity and it is Henri OORNI who scored the goal of deliverance (65').
The Tornado finally opened their point counter this season in front of an ecstatic Kockelscheuer.
Dijon lost points on the way in its race behind Lyon, while the latter atomized (10-0) Dammarie in the same time. Dammarie, with 9 points in the standings, will probably be the hare for the Tornado's to avoid the wooden spoon in this exciting second half of the season. A goal that seems to be well within their reach.
If things still need to be improved, the Tornado's have proved that everything is possible by combining audacity, discipline and mental strength. A well-deserved confidence boost just a few days before the visit of Beaufort in a LHL clash (Saturday 11 December at 19:00). If our boys know how to use all these ingredients, they will be able to enchant Kockelscheuer again and get back in the best possible shape for 2022.
Beaufort - Saturday 11 December, 19:00 at Kockelscheuer
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