Valenciennes surge past Tornado Luxembourg, 4-3

Valenciennes surge past Tornado Luxembourg, 4-3

On February 8th in their own building, Valenciennes played the Tornado Luxembourg, where the home team won 4-3 in an extremely tight game. With this win, Valenciennes put an end to the 3-game winning streak of the Tornado Luxembourg. The 800 spectators attending the game were offered a great show.

The visiting team was stronger than their opponent in the first period. Teemu Hinkula scored the opening goal of the game for the guests at 15:12. Sacha Backes put another goal on the sheet for the guests at 17:54 after being assisted by Ronny Scheier and Georges Scheier. Valenciennes responded only 1 minute later, as Romain Sauvage scored a goal on a feed from Sebastien Fronty. At the end of the first, the visiting team was leading 1-2.

The home team came back strong though in the second period, and did not only outscore their opponent but also took over the lead of the game. It was Thomas Fauchart who tied the game at 27:59 on a pass by David Selin. Another goal came at 31:23, when Thomas Fauchart scored for the hosts after being assisted by Lukas Cvejn. Sebastien Fronty added another goal only 2 minutes later. The teams were heading into the break with a 4-2 score.

In the final period, the visiting team kept working and managed to cut down the difference on the scoreboard, but the answer simply came too late. Yannick Hamri scored at 43:49 to make it 4-3 on a feed from Teemu Hinkula and Colm Cannon. At the end of the final period, the score was 4-3.

Best scorers of the game were Thomas Fauchart, Sebastien Fronty, Teemu Hinkula and Lukas Cvejn with 2 points each. One player even set a new personal season-high, namely Sebastien Fronty, by scoring 2 points. Valenciennes now won all of the last five games in front of the supportive home crowd whereas the Tornado Luxembourg won 3 out of the last five games on the road. Out of these two teams' last 8 encounters, Valenciennes won 62.5% of the games (5 out of 8). Valenciennes will play their next game on February 15th against the Gaulois Chalons.