Do you want to start playing Ice Hockey in Luxembourg?

The Luxembourgish Ice Hockey Federation is always happy to welcome new players, no matter if you are a foreigner who has already played hockey before coming to Luxembourg or if you are a total newcomer to the sport!

If you are new to the sport, you should probably check out our "Learn to Play" rubric! You will find all the information you need there.

If you are a foreigner coming to Luxembourg, this site should help you pursuit your favorite sports activity here in the country! Let's check out the different options you have:

A) You have never played hockey before :
Check out our "Learn To Play" program (click here)

B) You are under 22 years old:
For all players that are aged 22 and below, you can choose between the Luxembourg Huskies organization, which is located in Luxembourg City (southern and central area), or the IHC Beaufort which is located in the north of the country.

C) You are over 22 years old, have good skills and want to play on a competitive level:
You should probably aim for either:

- Tornado Luxembourg - located in Luxembourg City (Central/South) and playing in the 3rd Division in France
- IHC Beaufort - located in Beaufort (North) and playing in the first Belgian League

D) You are over 22 years old and want to play on a less competitive level:
You can chose between the IHC Beaufort II (Northern Area of the country), Puckers Luxembourg (Central and Southern Area) or the Cool Puckers Luxembourg (Central and Southern Area).

E) You are over 22 years old and have no/little experience in ice hockey but want to start playing:
You can reach out to Silverbacks Beginner's Ice Hockey (Central and Southern Area)

Feel free to contact the teams, they will welcome you with open arms!


Huskies Luxembourg:
Contacts: Click here

Tornado Luxembourg:

Alain Schneider (Team Manager)
Phone: (+352) 621323053

Monique Scheier (President)
Phone: (+352) 621177185

Puckers and Coel Puckers:

IHC Beaufort:

Jean-Marie Funk (Team Manager Seniors)
Phone: (+352) 661 241 971

Getting Paid

All teams in Luxembourg are amateur teams. Not even a handful of people in Luxembourgish Ice Hockey are paid full-time. Players are usually not.

Job & Appartment Search

Finding a job in Luxembourg might be a tough thing if you're not fluent in French or German or English. If you're looking for a job, we recommend the following websites:

Living in Luxembourg is expensive, but remember, the salaries in Luxembourg are very high aswell, actually, #1 in the WORLD! ( ). If you're looking for an appartment or some place to live, we recommend:
Beaufort Knights 87 Grand-rue 6310, Beaufort Luxembourg
Hiversport Huskies Luxembourg 188, Val Ste Croix 1370, Luxembourg Luxembourg
Puckers Luxembourg Luxembourg
Tornado Luxembourg BP 1632 1016, Luxembourg Luxembourg